5 Security predictions for 2011

The past few years have witnessed a dramatic shift in the cyber threat landscape. Cyber attacks have moved from fame to financial gain, with mass mailer worms replacing malware that steals credit card information and sells phony antivirus products. Malware has emerged as a new business model with billions of dollars at play.

The year 2010 saw both cyber espionage and cyber sabotage. The world had its first brush with a computer worm attacking physical, real-world infrastructure in Stuxnet. Stuxnet affected industrial control systems used in critical infrastructure in over 155 countries, with India being the third most affected nation. With tremendous growth in mobile computing platforms, cyber criminals have only got further avenues to attack. .

As the cyber criminals go deadlier and more dangerous, here’s a look into Symantec’s Internet security predictions for 2011 that look at key techniques that cyber criminals may use in the coming year.

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