BitDefender Protects BitTorrent Users

Romanty giant BitDefender has long been a provider of antivirus andsecurity suitesolutions for consumers and business. A new partnership with BitTorrent puts BitDefender’s malware-detection technology right into BitTorrentand uTorrent clients.

BitDefender Protects BitTorrent Usershe peer-to-peer nature of torrent-style file sharing means there are many opportunities for malefactors to slip dangerous files into the mix. Experts recognize that many malware threats gain distribution through torrents. BitDefender’s Virus Guard app, available for free in the new BitTorrent App Studio, checks every download to be sure it’s legitimate. If it detects malware, the app offers users a chance to remove the threat by signing up for a free trial of BitDefender Total Security 2011. Of course users are free to turn down the offer and run a scan using any antivirus product.

Claude Tolbert, vice president of business development for BitTorrent, said “security is a high priority for BitTorrent and our community, and we are very pleased to partner with BitDefender to give our users peace of mind knowing that they are being offered advanced anti-malware features.”

“The Virus Guard app has been overwhelmingly popular,” Tolbert continued. “Working with BitDefender means being part of a strong partnering culture.”

BitDefender’s licensing manager, Peter Laakkonen, agreed. “We’re excited to be part of BitTorrent’s new App Studio and contribute to an even better user experience by providing a safe computing environment for all users,” said Laakkonen. He noted that “BitTorrent is a powerful and increasingly popular way for users to exchange content they value” and points out that this makes it a target for malware authors.

“By partnering with BitTorrent, we’re able to protect users proactively from malware and other e-threats before they are able to infect users’ computers,” he said.

VirusGuard is available as a free download within the BitTorrent App Studio.

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