Choosing an Antivirus Solution

Current business mostly depend of data in the server. To secure it antivirus are one of the fighting tool.There are a lot of factors to take into account when you’re trying to select the best antivirus solution for your needs. Considering the security of your data it’s worthwhile investing some time in assessing each antivirus product. Also if you are a person who make extensive user of internet,email,messaging and web services it is more important to consider a solution that includes internet security software that make your only activity much safer.

Criteria to help you get the best virus protection

Unfortunately, not all antivirus products provide a reliable, usable solution that delivers an adequate level of protection against malware. When measured against the following criteria, even the market’s top 10 antivirus solutions may achieve very different scores:


Even the most thorough antivirus solution can prove to be absolutely useless if it conflicts with other software that’s running in your computer. If these conflicts lead to a malfunction or temporary suspension in the antivirus protection processes, that could leave you vulnerable.


If the day-to-day operation of an antivirus solution requires special skills, it may be impractical for many users. Any antivirus product that is awkward to use, asks the user complex questions or needs the user to make difficult decisions, is likely to increase the chances of ‘operator errors’. In some cases, if the antivirus software is too difficult to run, the user may simply disable it.

Comprehensive protection

An antivirus solution should deliver constant protection for all computer domains, all types of files and all network elements that could be subject to attack by a computer virus or other malware. The program should be able to detect malicious code and also protect all channels or entry points to the computer — including email, the Internet, FTP and more.

Quality of protection

Whether you need an Apple or Windows antivirus security solution, each needs to be able to operate in an aggressive environment that is constantly changing — with new computer viruses, worms and Trojan viruses that can be much more complex than previously known malware, and may include new ways of avoiding the actions of antivirus programs. Quality of protection partly depends on the following:

Effectiveness of malware detection processes
Frequency and regularity of updates
Ability to remove infections from the computer
Efficiency in delivering computer protection – without significant impact on the computer’s performance

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