ClamAV Antivirus

This is the best and probably widely referred antivirus in Linux community. ClamAV is very easy to use in Linux computers. It is the open source and free to use. Clam Antivirus for numerous purposes, such as removing viruses from Windows systems. First, there’s a front end to Clam Antivirus which you can use to perform tasks graphically. It is called Clamtk and has been featured on MakeUseOf before. It also supports standard mail gateway scanningThis antivirus helps detect Trojan, Virus, and Malware. It is easy to install and use the antivirus as well as free virus protection.
1. Opensource Opensource
2. very easy to use
3. Free of cost
4. Cross-platform works in Linux, Windows and Mac OS
5. .Command-line interface
6. GUI available