MacKeeper’s built-in antivirus protection keeps your Mac safe from malware, viruses, adware attacks, and other dangerous stuff.  It claims to work as an antivirus and adware blocker while also rooting out unnecessary files, apps, logs, and other data on your computer for deletion. MacKeeper’s internet security is best.

Features :
Automatic memory monitoring
Doesn’t harm apps or files
A perfect Mac pick-me-up after using intensive apps
Take control of your login items
Constant malware protection
Daily security updates
An ultra-safe browsing experience

Silicon House is one of the largest Reseller Hosting provider in India and providing a Small Business Web Hosting which is  cost effective, feature rich web hosting plan best suited for Small and Medium Size Enterprises. It allows Small Businesses to enjoy the same benefits of a Corporate Web Hosting but in a scaled down version.

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