McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security offers antivirus and antitheft protection for Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, and BlackBerry devices, as well as online backup of data from the phone. Support for Windows Mobile and Symbian is complete; the Android and BlackBerry editions offer most (but not all) features.

As you’d expect from McAfee, the antivirus protection is comprehensive. It scans files and apps on demand and watches for new threats. On some platforms it also scans files arriving via email or MMS. The antivirus can repair or quarantine found threats under Windows Mobile and Symbian. On Android or BlackBerry devices it simply deletes the malicious files.

Quite a few mobile products will back up contacts, among them Snuko Anti-Theft For Mobiles andNetQin Mobile Anti-virus for BlackBerry v4.0. Snuko and Lookout Mobile Security back up call history. GadgetTrak Mobile Security for Android & Blackberry 3.1 and Lookout backup photos, andBullGuard Mobile Security 10 backs up the Calendar. But of the mobile products I’ve examined, only McAfee makes an online backup of all four: contacts, calendar, call history, and photos.

Like GadgetTrak, McAfee offers an online portal to help you locate and recover a lost or stolen phone. From the portal you can check the phone’s location, activate a loud alarm, lock the device, or wipe all personal data. You can also accomplish any of these tasks by sending a coded SMS message to the phone.

A clever thief might think to get around McAfee’s protection by changing out the phone’s SIM card, but that just won’t work. Like Snuko, Norton Mobile Security 2.0 BetaKaspersky Mobile Security 9 and others, McAfee locks the phone on detecting an unauthorized SIM card change. It can also send an alert to a predefined contact containing the phone number associated with the new SIM card.

All of the features mentioned so far are available on Windows Mobile and Symbian phones, while BlackBerry and Android lack a few. However, Android users get one bonus not shared by the other platforms. On Android devices McAfee users SiteAdvisor technology to color-code search results and warn users away from malicious sits, phishing sites, and other dangers.

McAfee Mobile Security is currently available from the Android Market for $29.99.

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