McAfee Releases Online Banking Safety Guide

McAfee has just released an online banking safety guide for banking safely on computers, mobile phones and tablets. Findings from Javelin Strategy & Researchhas shown that in 2010, 47 percent of household financial managers did not have antivirus software installed on their computers.

The latest U.S. banking data and McAfee intelligence found that consumers fell into three personality types of online banking behavior, and a significant reason for the behavior is the factor of age.

McAfee refers to the group in age ranges 18-24 as “Competent, but a little Careless.” They are described as being comfortable with technology, but neglect to practice basic security while online. Javelin’s research found 68 percent do not have basic anti-virus software on their computers.

The “Confident but Casual” group in the 25-45 year range is the most frequent of online banking users and according to research, more likely to have antivirus software installed on their computers. They tend to be overconfident about online security, with 52 percent feeling as if they are doing enough for online safety.

The third group is the known as the “Cautious and Conservative” and constitute 45 years old and above. They are not as familiar with technology as compared to the younger generation, and a small percentage uses online banking. Research found they are better protected, with 55 percent having security software installed on their computers.

McAfee’s guide offers tips to each group. The firm advises 18-24-year-olds to have their PCs cleaned through scanning and malware detector software to avoid distracted banking. The 25-45-year-olds are advised to avoid unsolicited emails, while the 45 and older crowd is warned to watch out for copycat sites that look similar to major banks.

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