Rogue antivirus uses faux Google warnings

Computer security researchers warned the public against a new rogue antivirus attack using warnings supposedly coming from search giant Google.

GFI Labs said some compromised pages, which are search engine optimized, are accessible via popular search engines like Google and Microsoft’s Bing.

“There pages were found to direct the user to a site where a faux scan is performed on the affected system—typical of rogue AV. What is atypical about the said scan, however, is that it claims to originate from Google,” it said in a blog post.
It said the message claims “Google systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer” and advised the prospective victim to “Please check you PC on viruses.”
The message then continues, “please download and install our antivirus software… or our system will block your access to Google services.”
“Once users heed this fake warning, they download a rogue AV file contained in a password-protected archive,” GFI said. — TJD, GMA News

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