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Top 10 reasons for using SlimCleaner, fast, new software that cleans, optimizes and improves the performance of personal computers:

#10 You can send messages and comments to other SlimCleaner users in the SlimWare Utilities social network – it’s Facebook meets PC optimization.#9  You can delete junk and tracking cookies from your PC.#8  You can scan anything on your computer with over 40 antivirus engines in the cloud. #7  You can shred documents with a 35-time overwrite – wiping them from your system permanently.#6  You can rate applications on your PC and let other users know whether an app is useful.#5  You can read a description for every item on your machine, and get the SlimCleaner community’s feedback about whether you should keep it.#4  You can access millions of real-time reviews about items on your PC, direct from SlimCleaner’s community of users.#3  You can speed your PC’s boot-up time by choosing which items run when your machine starts.#2  You can identify programs that are slowing your machine.#1  You can clean your PC for FREE in a second or less – the fastest PC cleaner on the market.

About SlimCleaner

SlimCleaner ( is the fastest PC cleaning tool on the market. A free download, SlimCleaner uses crowd-sourcing and community feedback to provide real-time reviews and recommendations to optimize PC performance. SlimCleaner gets rid of junk files, deletes browsing histories and cookies, uninstalls unwanted programs, runs antivirus scans, lets users adjust startup entries and performs other functions that clean and speed up PCs.

SlimCleaner is the newest product from SlimWare Utilities, the Biloxi, Miss.,-based software company that automates the solutions to the world’s computer problems. Please visit

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