XP Internet Security 2012 – It Doesn’t Deserve Your Trust


What quality means when we refer to antivirus software? The most important features of a security tool are definitely its legitimacy and effectiveness. If an anti-malware application has these characteristics, then you can rely on its services and entrust the safety of your PC to this program. But if you expect to find these features inXP Internet Security 2012, you will be really disappointed. This proved to be a rogue application which pretends to be real anti-spyware software and thus tries to mislead its victims into paying for its services.

It is already clear that you have not to believe in any of the tricky messages displayed by this application. Do not waste your money on this useless software but remove it immediately and install a genuine anti-rogueware application instead. However, even if you have already saved your personal information from this malevolent intruder, maybe you are curious to know who has created this fake program and how it works.

For that reason a detailed research will be conducted to present accurate and complete information about this malicious program.

It can be seen that once this application is active, it communicates with different remote addresses. The first of them is 46. 16.519.346, in the United Kingdom. The other two IP addresses are and and are known to be situated in the United States. This means that all the information which the application collects is submitted to computers in these two countries. For example, if you try to purchase the full version of the program, your bank account details will be sent to computers in these two countries.

After the program is installed, it starts displaying warnings of severe threats and scary scan results of numerous infected files. The program becomes more and more persistent and insists that you should remove the infected files immediately but this can be done only with the help of the particular antivirus software. Thus the application tries to mislead you into accepting to buy its full version and redirects you to some unknown checkout page which requires your billing details. It does not even show its web address and in this way even if you want, you cannot find any information about the creators of the page. Actually, it looks quite suspicious and we have not to trust this program at all.

The truth is that when this application is purchased, you will not have any real computer protection. Not only that, but you will not even be given some registration key. As it can be clearly seen, you have to stay away from this fraudware software.

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